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Were you looking for a good vegan protein then finally found it but realized you needed superfoods as well? Well Vegan Superfood PRO has got you covered! It not only has protein but it also has vegan collagen, Fruits, Vegetables, and whole lotta goodness in one tub.

What is Vegan Superfood PRO?

Vegan Superfood PRO is exactly what it says it is. It’s a Vegan superfood with Protein in it! If you look around there aren’t many or any of its kind.

Vegan superfood PRO was carefully designed to help you with:

18G of protein per scoop!

Naturally sweetened with stevia!

That’s not ALL! It also has

Vegan Collagen (Rice Bran solubles, hydraulic acid, silica) - Helps improve hair, skin, joint and nail health. Collagen also helps maintain gut health.

17 + Fruits & Vegetables in one scoop!- We added so many of these so it can improve your natural energy throughout the day.

Vegan superfood PRO is Gluten Free

You no longer have to take your vegan superfoods and protein separately. You can get it all in one scoop.

Protein source comes from -

Pea protein isolate

Brown rice pea protein

Hemp protein

Stop playing in the little leagues and come join the pros today with Vegan Superfood PRO!

Mix one scoop With 8oz of water and lets get vegan!

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